Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Okay, I've had a day to recuperate from the 14 hour time difference. Figured I'd take a little time every day this week to give a bit more details about the different aspects of the China trip. So ...

... The real reason for me going to China in the first place was to shoot KILLJOY 3. Seven years ago I was Producing and starring in Killjoy 2 in the outskirts of Los Angeles. If you had told me then that I was going to end up in China under the makeup for a part 3, I would have laughed. But you never know what's gonna happen.

We shot in a relatively new and small studio in Guangzhou, China, which is about two hours outside of Hong Kong. The studio has three sound stages where all of the locations were built. The place was completely self-contained, with its own kitchen, showers, editing suites, camera rooms, and makeup rooms. This was the third English-language production shot here and the second one with Full Moon (they shot a Puppetmaster sequel there last month). In typical Full Moon fashion, the entire shoot was nine days long. I worked as Killjoy for 5 of them.

The film was directed by John Lechago, an immensely talented guy who really had a vision and worked hard to bely the picture's relatively low budget. John's background is in visual arts, so the movie has a striking visual element to it that the other installments didn't have. I got to work with Tom Devlin yet again. He's always a great person to work with and his creature makeup in this one is really something. In addition to Killjoy, there were three other demons to make in addition to all of the other makeup effects. I even had a stunt double for the first time (see pic below)!

It was hot and humid and I was in full makeup with the contacts and the teeth and under the hot lights, but it wasn't too bad overall. Movie-making ain't easy and it's even harder under conditions of time duress, but I think that everybody really kicked some ass and we got something interesting in the can at the end of the week. I guess we'll all find out when it hits DVD sometime very early in 2010.

Here's another behind-the-scenes video from youtube:

More tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

man that is awesome! China of all places sweet!

JoelClark said...

KillJoy in my oppinion it funny. all 2 of em (so far) i cant wait for the 3rd. esspecially with trent. really really want to see the 3rd. it says on dvd early 2010 does that men in england to. please tell.

Anonymous said...

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