Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yeah ...

... It seems that every day I'm seeing something on the internet about one of my projects. Guess that's to be expected when so many of them are coming hot on the heels of one another. At this point, I'm finding it easier to just copy a link and then throw it up on my Facebook page than to try and compile stuff for this blog ... But for those of you that actually DO come by this site, I'll try to quickly compile some of the latest stuff from the last few weeks. As usual, I'm gonna have to break it down by title just to keep it straight:

From what I can tell in the "Twitterverse," DEADGIRL's TV premiere on Chiller must have done pretty well. Once again, people are discovering the movie, telling their friends, and spreading the word. Chiller continues to replay the movie and, by gum, it appears that we've created a bonafide cult classic with this little film that "no one would ever make."

And a day after the TV premiere, The Hollywood Reporter ran a story from SXSW about DEADGIRL 2:

Hollywood Reporter: Is DEADGIRL 2 Alive?

Once HWR put that out there, every genre site picked up on the story and then the plot crunch (which was wrong to begin with) started to change due to sloppy "reporting" and the whole thing is rather silly.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I wrote the DEADGIRL 2 script almost a year ago (HERE's the post). And although I did write the script in response to some of the accusations of misogyny in the first, it's NOT about girls finding a dead boy ...

... Regardless, if there ever is a DEADGIRL 2, I won't end up being involved in it (although I suspect that some elements that I introduced may end up getting stolen - if that happens, things will end up getting messy and full of lawyers and I don't look forward to that) ... I don't want to go into detail here, but there's been a creative schism in the DEADGIRL partnership and only one of us has the rights to the words DEADGIRL 2 ... and since I'm only the writer and the guy who dreamt up the whole thing to begin with, you KNOW that person isn't me. Personally, at this point, I'd like to see DEADGIRL 2 NEVER happen ... I'd prefer to keep the first one the classic it is and move on with my career.

But I can tell you that if I hear that a DEADGIRL 2 is going into production, you'll be able to come to this blog and download my original un-produced script here for FREE, just like I did with the first one. For now, however, it's going to stay buried (just like the title character should be) ...

I'm going to be running out to Boston this weekend for the North American Premiere, so I'll have a real update with pictures and shit that won't be on Facebook, so come back for that one!

In the meantime, I'm closing in on a really cool North American Distribution deal and it was just announced that we're playing 4 times (!) at the 27th Annual Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival!

Imagine Film Fest's CHOP Page

Man, I'd love to be at one of these screenings, but if the festival doesn't offer to bring me out, I'm certainly not going to spend my own money - I've got a wife and kids, man! Do I look like I'm made out of money or sumptin'?? :)

Another positive review for CHOP went up this week, too:

28 days Later Analysis Reviews CHOP

And even though I talk about a bunch of other films, here's a good a place as any to put a link up for my Geek Tyrant interview:

GEEK TYRANT interviews Trent Haaga


It's finished and it's interesting and there's just not a lot of news out there about this film that I wrote ... hopefully it'll secure some distribution soon! In the meantime, here's a really nice review to whet your appetite:


It's hitting DVD in June from PopCinema. Here's the box art:

Here's an article on about the film and release:


... Okay, that's all I've got for now. 2011 is shaping up to be an interesting year ... I sometimes forget that I also have FOUR scripts that have been optioned or bought and are supposed to shoot this year (one of them being my "still can't tell you the title or anything" movie for SyFy) ...

... And I just had a really great meeting about a potential new screenwriting gig for another MAJOR cable station ... but, as usual, I can't say anything more about it. Drats.

Thanks for checking in and I'll be back next week with a report from the Boston Underground Film Festival!


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