Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Oops ...

... If I were a better marketer of myself as a product, I would have started to post new blogs every few hours a couple of weeks ago when I released the DEADGIRL 2 script - this site got record traffic, it was crazy.

But truthfully I was busy working on other stuff and now it seems that the traffic has declined back to its normal levels ... meaning if you're here reading this, you're probably someone who was coming here before the DG2 craziness. And that's cool. Let's face it, I don't want to use this site to talk about my personal stuff too much and I'm not like a professional blogger who feels that he's got to drop pearls of witty wisdom about life and the universe. Sometimes weeks go by without any significant news to report.

I expect that to change very shortly. There are a couple of really interesting things going down and I'm really close to being able to disclose some of it, so keep checking back if you're interested in where I'll pop up next.

In the meantime ...

... CHOP has been out for a month in North America. The critical response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Here are a few more reviews:

We'll start with the negative first. Terror Hook didn't hate it outright but didn't seem to "get" it: Terror Hook Reviews CHOP

Best Horror Movies gave CHOP a decent review.

A site that I really like (because they're less genre-centric than most), TWITCH FILM, gave CHOP a really nice review!

And lastly, FANGORIA gave CHOP a really great, well-written, and thoughtful review. I was particularly excited to read this one, because Fango was there long before the internet and the commodification of the horror scene. They're the granddaddies of the whole she-bang and Fango was my only conduit to this stuff when I was a kid, so it's awesome to get props from them ...

Lastly, CHOP is screening twice this weekend at the SAN FRANCISCO INDIE FEST. Since the movie's out on DVD already, I'm imagining that this will be the film's last theatrical screening. Not only that, but if you attend, you'll get to meet the film's leading man, the one and only BILLY BAKSHI, who will be attending and doing a Q&A after the screenings. Here's the information:

CHOP at the 14th Annual San Francisco Indie Fest!

Okay, as I said, I should be making some cool announcements very soon, so stay tuned!

- T

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