Monday, December 02, 2013

Getting Used to Blogging?

Man, I've been updating like crazy on this here blog thingy. Must be the lack of Facebook for the last 4 months or so …

Anyway, a few little tidbits here. CHEAP THRILLS comes out next month (January 2014) on VOD, etc. Here's a look at some of the new promotional artwork that was in a Drafthouse program of some sort. I'm liking it so far and am assuming that more artwork will come out in the next few weeks. Check it out:

KILLING DADDY is on Day #3 of shooting today. Here's a tweet from the lead, Elizabeth Gillies:

Of course it's a "crazy one," Liz - it's from the writer of DEADGIRL and CHEAP THRILLS! :)



Kevin said...

Can't wait to peep CHEAP THRILLS, man! Very happy for your success with this one, dude.

By the way, the long-lost Deadly Stingers is now on Full Moon Streaming - they retitled it Mega Scorpions. Wondered what ever happened with that one. Glad to see it finally get some kind of release. Gonna peep it this weekend.

Trent Haaga said...

OH my god. DEADLY STINGERS is out and available? Made that movie way back in 2002, thought it was lost to the sands of time. Looks like it's time for another blog update!

Thanks for the tip, Kevin. I don't know what's going on these days without the book of face. :)