Thursday, December 05, 2013

Four Days in a Row?

Yep. Because that's how I roll. All two of you should start to visit the site more often.

Of course I end up finding about things a little late due to my lack of Twitter, but here's more CHEAP THRILLS artwork from Drafthouse Films. This time it's David Koechner's character poster:



thelastglance said...

Holy balls, this is what happens when I don't visit for a week? One post after another?! It's like X-Mas day up in this bitch! Ha, very cool posters. Can't wait to see Cheap Thrills and I'm psyched for you that it's doing so well!

Trent Haaga said...

Won't be long until you and the rest of the world gets to take a look at CHEAP THRILLS, thelastglance. Hope you dig it!


Bruce Babcock Jr said...

Great to see all the good news, Trent. I miss being able to PA on There Goes Da Neighborhood. That weekend of shooting was a blast, your full of a ton of useful information and great stories. Hopefully we can work on something soon since I'm in LA now chugging away at school. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Looking forward to reading more blog entries.

- "Young" Bruce

Trent Haaga said...

Ah, Young Bruce, you have been missed! And I'm still not finished with TGdN yet! More reports from set coming soon!

Have some Happy Holidays, my man, and maybe we'll work together again soon!