Thursday, March 27, 2014

We're Number 4! We're Number 4!

Well, CHEAP THRILLS "opened" in theaters and became widely available on streaming platforms like iTunes and Amazon Instant … and Pirate Bay … last weekend. To be fair, it only opened in two cities - Los Angeles and Austin - but it expands to New York and Chicago and some other cities this weekend and even further in the following weeks.

By all measures, the film seems to be a success considering the kind of movie it is. If you go by a "per screen average" breakdown, CHEAP THRILLS was #4 at the box-office this weekend behind GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, GOD'S NOT DEAD, and DIVERGENT. No, seriously. Take a look:

Yep, it's pretty crazy. I've been largely absent from the promotional train on the movie, but I did go out to the theater on Friday night to see what the crowd was like at the Cinefamily:

I did my only post-screening Q&A for the small crowd that showed up for the 7:20pm screening. I didn't stick around for the Q&A after the sold out 9:50pm screening. But I hear that the film played very well and the "Twittersphere" backs that up. By the end of the weekend, #cheapthrills was going bonkers and amazingly positive Tweets were put out by diverse celebrities like Edgar Wright and Morgan Spurlock among others.

People seem to dig the movie, which is a great thing.

While I was reading the Tweets about CHEAP THRILLS, I foolishly decided to search the phrase "Trent Haaga" out of curiosity. The results were interesting and show a common theme:

So I'm a guy that's apparently done a lot of stuff that people think is cool, but they had no idea that I had anything to do with it. One part of me wonders of it's simply because of my bizarre career path … I mean, I've got to be the only guy who has written a Toxic Avenger movie, played a killer clown for Charles Band, written some movies for the Lifetime Network and also a few indie festival hits like DEADGIRL and CHEAP THRILLS. I've pretty much made it impossible to put me in a box of any sort … Which, as far as I'm concerned, is a good thing.

Another part of me thinks that this general state of confusion is because I'm not out there TELLING you that I'm involved in this stuff. It's as if one doesn't even exist unless one has a Facebook and a Twitter and spends an inordinate amount of time screaming about their accomplishments into the ether … Well, shit, man, if I spent all my time talking about things I already did, I wouldn't have the time to do more things … or at least that's how I look at it.

Instead of watering myself down into sound bytes and 140 character re-tweets, I have simply made this blog the place to go if you want to know what's going on with me. There's nothing wrong with that, right? And if you're bothering to come all the way here, I know that you already know that I co-wrote CHEAP THRILLS and that I'm also KILLJOY and wrote a TOXIC AVENGER movie. We're all a big, happy family here … that would be myself and the three of you. And there's nothing wrong with that!

Just so it's not all about CHEAP THRILLS, I found this pic from last year but I'd never seen it before. The promotional poster for THE PACT 2, which I have a small role in. Dig it:

Future tweet a few months from now: "I had no idea CHEAP THRILLS co-writer Trent Haaga was in THE PACT 2! And also a Troma vet! WTF?"



Brittany Lamoureux said...

Yeah, you get a lot of writers and filmmakers out there who blow their shit up all the time with Tweets and FB posts. I mean, I get it, but sometimes it's all a little to "IN YO FACE" for me. I like reading this blog because it's very down to earth and I also happen to be a huge fan of your writing. This blog is a gem and I think it's cool as hell that you correspond with us the way you do. It's a respectable approach and I think all of us that visit your blog like that about you. So, absolutely nothing wrong with not giving in to the social media shit-storm!

Oh, and this, "If I spent all my time talking about things I already did, I wouldn't have the time to do more things." Yeah, I agree with that totally. Good attitude to have.

I'm glad Cheap Thrills is doing so well. Congrats! Shit, it's plastered all over the internet with promos and all kinds of stuff. I'm stoked that some of the people on Twitter actually READ the credits and saw your name. Geesh, at least SOMEONE reads that stuff, right?

Can't wait to see The Pact 2. I saw the first one not too long ago and thought it was a pretty good indie horror movie. I'll keep a look out for you in the next one!

Trent Haaga said...

That's exactly what I'm talking about, Brittany. While there are only three of you visiting this blog, you're three real people who give a crap about what I'm doing. I have no doubt that if I make a new movie, you'll buy it … and that single transaction is worth more - both emotionally and financially - than the 90 "likes" I might get announcing something on Facebook … but none of those people who "liked" a post like anything enough to go and seek it out … they probably "liked" a hundred posts that day. At least here, we can directly communicate without annoying ads and I know that you're here to see what I'm up to as opposed to something I posted just winding up on your feed, ya know?

Yeah, I'm a big-tiem credits block studier, so I just assumed that most film fans are the same way … I guess that isn't the case!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting, Brittany!