Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Dangit … @Trent_Haaga

After a year away from social media I caved and started a Twitter account. CHOP the Movie used to have one, but this is the first time Trent Haaga the Man has had one. Don't really know much about Twitter and I don't really plan to blow up there, but after that awful Twitter Search of "Trent Haaga" a few posts ago, I figured that maybe I ought to have SOME sort of presence. And, lo and behold, I go on Twitter and all of a sudden people start to realize that I made some movies. So I guess it works.

But this blog is still going to remain my home on the internet - my comfy couch where all three of my hardcore fans can get to know the real scoop in many, many more characters than 140.

In the meantime, you can follow me: @Trent_Haaga.

@TrentHaaga is gone forever - got squatted on a few years ago and is now verboten on Twitter, so I had to add the underscore.

CHEAP THRILLS opens in the UK on June 6th. They just released the UK Quad-style poster today:

CHEAP THRILLS is such a strange movie - part comedy, part tragedy, part horror movie - that it's really hard to convey the tone correctly in a trailer, much less a poster. I understand how difficult it is to market a film like this, but this poster … I mean, what is going on here? Why does it look like everyone is attending a party on a cleaver while wearing leather pants?

Whatever. I'm not a graphic designer nor am I a marketing specialist. Hopefully they know what they're doing over there.

As always, thanks for visiting!



Frank-N- Furter said...

to:Trent Haaga.

Yeah.Cool Twitter you have,Mr.Haaga,I am following you now,I was send tweet for you,I hope that you will read it,I am sorry that annoying you,very sorry,I can show you my horror make up tutorial,if You want.
my twitter: @frankfurter4711

Brittany Lamoureux said...

I followed ya! I don't get on there too much, but now I have a reason to! Cool to see more constant updates, for sure!